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The taste of rotting flesh
Fills my throat
Lies are all you know
Love is such an evil thing
Taunting me
Deceiving me with laughter
Stabbing me with her gentle touch
Happiness is only meant to be stolen
By those who care not
When will you all realize
You won't and all I can do is run
Tell me what the F&#* I'm supposed to do
Spinning round
Wounded love in darkness and all I want eludes me
Where are you now
Why do you LIE
When all I say to you is true
Games and more games
But I don't want to play
Go away - stay away
How can you lead me like a jackass who loves you
Love and all I get is a kick
In my face

Vomit Love
Sewage Love
Disease Love
Evil Love
S*&% Love
Hate Love