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Say goodbye
To me
Your dreams they all have left my heart
To nowhere and what's never been
All the things I loved about you gone
All along
I knew we couldn't be
I didn't want to see
I'd build a bridge from you to me
I'd swim across and endless sea
I did I did

Other side
Stupid pride
You didn't reach your hand to me
Didn't want for things to end this way
Didn't want to leave you all alone
Should have known
Writing on the wall
I didn't see at all
Try to give to you my all
And catch you should you ever fall
I did I did

Once again
Circle spin
To you
You ran away you turned and ran right back
The timeless thing we share
Slap of face and push aside again
Yes,  I've been
Done this all before
I won't come back for more
I know that's not what love is for
Walk right through that open door
I did I did